Sorry for the delay.. NEW GOODIES are HERE!

I owe my dear sweet blog friends an apology
I have published two new release posts this past weekend
and for some reason they did not publish to the blog.

I have done a complete re-set on my feeds, so hopefully
you will see this post and it will venture off into never land.

Doesn't blogger know that we need our scrap fix? arrgggghhhh!
(in my pirate voice, mateys)

I wanted to share with everyone my new releases on SALE!
They will remain on sale 20% OFF  until tomorrow at midnight EST
due to the posts getting lost in some random nothing file in cyberspace

My friends created sooooo many layouts for you, so keep on
scrolling until you see them ALL! Including a hybrid goodie from Dinphy!


~ Jan ~

~ Cynthia ~

~ Alanna ~

~ Chel ~

~ Chloe ~

~ Heidi ~

~ Jennifer ~

 ~ Jo~ 

~ Kate ~

~ Wanda ~

~ Trista ~

~ Tammy ~

~ Terry ~

~ Vicky ~

~ Rachel ~

~ Laurie ~

I swear, I just have the most talented of scrap friends. 
The photos are being scrapped and I LOVE IT!

I also posted a new Facebook gift last week for your alpha stash

(linked to my FB page)

Have a fabulous week, and get ready for some blog posts next week
that will show you how I am doing my own version of PL and TYS!