Fancy Schamcy Facebook Badge!

I have replaced my Facebook badge on the side of the blog
to make it easier for everyone to see sales and to follow
along via Facebook...which drives me insane, if I am honest

I love change and keeping things fresh, but most of theirs
make no sense for what most of us use it for.
Communication...which Facebook tanks at, LOL!

Please feel free to check it out and be looking for more blog changes
I am working on making it more web site design
I like flow and flexibility....so I will tweak off and on all week
to find some here in my spot of blog world

The grand-daughter has been visiting, and she picked out some
random things in my store for a hidden sale...:)

Please feel free to stop by and see if you need anything!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week!!!


$1 Tuesday? How about some Bliss and a FREEBIE!!!!

A few weeks ago, my mojo was on overdrive with lots of fun projects
One of which was some funky Irish and St Patrick's Day sets

I happily created and made some alphas and wordart..then WHAM!!!!

Mojo block wall! What to name them?
I knew I could get some ideas form all my fabulous friends at GP
It was filled with so many ideas, but finally two just made sense to me

Thank you so much Glenda Duncan and Nancy Malott
Everyone had such great ideas, and these two stood out for me!

Special thanks to my friend Kerry and her fantastic green beer mug
YOU RAWK, sister!!!!

I also added this cute alpha set to store for everyday uses
It has a variated colored edge I was playing with just cause', LOL!

The Blarney Bliss sets and Plaid to Meet You alpha are only $1 Each!

Here are a couple of layouts to spark some inspiration


Trista (scrappyt)

Trista made that fabo paper! AWESOME huh?!

I made a little freebie for you all, nothing fancy but hope you can use

Please forgive the 4-share ads and load times we are all having
The file is there and triple checked, they just have issues

I hope everyone has a fabulous Tuesday and wonderful weather like
we are along the coast this past week
Be safe!


Freebies and 4-Share

Hi everyone!!!
I am sure by now you all have had random issues with 4-share
and the freebie links most of us post.

4-share has been having issues, so if you click on the file link....
it works. The file is there, the link is correct, but you will 
get error messages. You will get ads on occasion that will make no sense
If you click again or wait and try to click on it again
at a later time....it's works. 4-share has been glitchy all
week and I have no idea what they are doing, but we are all
having the same issues. Because the freebies are free it only makes
sense to post them on a free servers. so I hope you try again or
even refresh and hopefully it will work itself out.

I have had multiple downloads today with the freebie with
no problems, but then again some are having them

I am sorry, I hope you try again!

Thanks for stopping by and grabbing the freebies, and I hope the
server issue resolves itself soon!!!

Let's Get Physical for $1...seriously, with a freebie!

It has been one of those weeks where you start running as
soon as your feet hit the floor, and do not stop until the
grand-baby passes out!

I thought the 2's and 3's were go-go-go...well, the 4's are
pretty much killing me most days, LOL!

The newest kit from Creations by Rachael is perfect for what
is going on in my everyday life as of late.
I made some inked alphas to match, that are bright, colorful
and I can really see so many uses for!

Specially priced at only $1 this weekend!

Her kit has some fabulous quickpages that match as well

I can see these for Spring kits too!!! How many are still keeping up
with your new years resolutions? Need to get back on track?

These pages may help inspire you in many ways as well


Kerry (KayJay)

Jan (intensemagic)

Cynthia (MrsPeel)

I adore the bright colors after all the winter ones we have been using!

Did I say freebie? YES!!!!

Hope you enjoy and have a fabulous weekend!


$1 Tuesday with Last Day $1 GGI!

That's right....the full weekend of sales is ending soon.
Gotta Grab it for February is almost over..but $1 Tuesday is here!

You have all seen my GGI items and I added more to the mix
by grabbing a couple of my very first alphas in my store


They are also in store for only a $1 each, but it ends tomorrow morning 

I hope you have taken advantage of all the sales, they have been
fabulous the last few days!!!

Take care, see you soon with a random post...beware, LOL!



Facebook Promo!

Is everyone having a fabulous weekend?
We have had sunshine for two days, so I am marking it a success!

This weekend has been filled with so many good things
I release my first kit during the favorite sale at GGI, and the best
friends and family a girl can ask for to show it off.
Their support is unwavering and true...I am lucky in many ways

On top of that, we had a crazy night with old friends and that means
that Saturday game night kept the Lewis clan in top form!

I am hoping to continue the good vibes and bring some more
of my scrapping friends to the almost new

Some of you are already friends on my private profile, and I 
love you have been there to cheer me on and gab, LOL!
This will be kept, but more for just general girl talk stuff.

I will only be using the fan page for all my future store releases, 
exclusive gifts, information about chats/sales and of course
all Etc by Danyale related goodies with other designers as well!!!

Please take time to go by my page, click on the "Like" button
and stay in the loop with all the exciting times that are ahead
for me and my store. 

I have an upcoming HUGE PROMO event starting March 1st
that you do not want to miss....TRUST ME!!!!

So please take time to stop by and be my Etc. friend!


My First Kit..$1 GGI..and Freebies!

The sun is out, coffee is a flowing thru my veins...its a good day!!!!

This past couple of weeks, I was creating some goodies for $1 GGI
I just kept on making stuff till it got seriously out of hand!
I was working on a couple of ideas for my first mini kit, when it
became clear...I was already making it...LOL!!!!

small drum rolllllllll......

This poor kit really did have a mind of its own once I started.
Having made four items for GGI, everyone was having a lot of fun
playing with all of the pieces, it really just needed papers
My first attempts did not go as well as I thought.
An hour later, I had cranked out six of them, and knew I was
in love with it all. Like your first baby..perfect in your eyes.

This weekend is the Sweetheart Sale  at Gotta Pixel
this means you can grab the kit for 40% OFF!

I made four sets for $1 GGI that compliment the kit

Fun, funky chicken wire. The wood frames are splashed with paint
How can that be wrong?!?! LOL!

These were made with suggestions from my Etc. friends. They really
know how to rock some WA, huh?!

Greenery and leafery...can't live without
I know most of us can't in scrapping...a must have!

These were just fun accents that came to mind that I thought
I would definitely use....they were fun to make.
Like mini layouts, hahahahahaha!

The four individual sets are available for only $1 each set!

Now we get to some AMAZING layout inspiration
These girls never cease to amaze me how they create
such wonderful memory keeping pages for their families.

My first layout with my first kit was made by my dear friend

Cheryl (gonewiththewind)

These pictures were last year at her birthday party, and I had never
seen it until she sent me this present...she RAWKS!
That is one of her "Fiddle Dee Dee" templates she used


Trista (scrappyt)


Stunning, right!?!?!?! You have no idea how long I have been
drooling over these in the private forum!!! OH GEE!!!!!!

Because you have all put up with this really long post, I am
passing along 2 FREEBIES!!!!

Kerry Made this fabulous birthday card to share

Sorry, Expired

Thank you all for sharing my special day with me
I hope you enjoy the art and inspiration

Please leave a love note for my Etc.friends if you love
their freebies as much as we do!

Have a fantastic weekend!!!!


Upcoming GGI sneak and a Storewide Sale

Happy Thursday!
How is everyone's week going so far?
Mine has been busy with all sorts of this and that, and now I
need to get the house in order for a little "Osh Posh" visit
I am so excited to see that rotten sweet girl, I am loopy today!

I wanted to drop a note about this weekend happenings at GP
This is the second weekend of the month, so that means?.....

Gotta Grab It is almost HERE!
A weekend long event where everything in the GGI is only $1 each!
I have four new releases....and I can tell you now
AMAZING inspiration from my friends..I mean AMAZING!
They really took these sets and went creative crazy!

Gotta Pixel is also holding a storewide 40% off sale
for the upcoming Valentine's celebration

This means my Etc. by Danyale store as well!!!


Hope you find time to drop by and get your carts ready!


A Menagerie of alpha....and a freebie!

Tuesdays are beginning to feel like Mondays, like the week is just starting!
New releases always get me excited to share and to show
off what my friends do with them. I love to see pages scrapped!

This week my newest alpha goes straight into the $1 pixels

This is a new addition of 4 alphas to my rusted collection
I made this set so that you can also use it with all of my Rusted
Collection alphas, including freebies from the Pixel Club

My friends went a little creative happy OH MY!!!!!!

Trista (scrappyt)

I love journaling and when I see a journaled page to add in with
our photo memories..that is scrapbooking is about!
Otherwise?...it is really just a decorated photo album..:)
I hope you try to include some journaling on your pages. One
day memory may fail you, or you may not be able to remember what
happened when someone asks who, what, where...why?

Didn't I mention a freebie?
Here are the numbers to match Rusted Chain

Sorry, Expired

The $1 Tuesday pixels are active, but ends tomorrow
This set is a definite must have for the upcoming GGI!
hint, hint, hint!

Hope you enjoy!


Time for some toasty toes snuggling wordart!

I have the perfect kit for all of you who are freezing and need some
cute pieces to use on the "snuggling to get warm" pages!

So cute and with Valentine's day coming soon, I know you are
all going to have some snuggling photos to scrap

How fabulous are those? And that MOOSE!!
I love him so much..hahahahaha!

All three pieces are on sale and available at Gotta Pixel
for 25% OFF...great mix of cold and Valentine's layouts to make!

Scrap, Chat, Etc Chat Challenge This Morning!

Get your coffee going and chatting skills ready, girlz!
The first February Scrap, Chat, Etc chat is this morning 
10:00 a.m.EST in the Gotta Pixel Chat Room

I am giving out this lovely to all who attend

This cabbage rose alpha matches the participation gift
that I will reveal during the chat, and also
compliments my upcoming GGI new releases next weekend!

Hope to see you all there!