Another Chapter of "The Book"

Hi everyone. If you are seeing this anytime after May, blogger...again....
did not auto post and I am resetting them

This is the next chapter in my first still un-named book.
Click on "whatever" if you want to read the rest of the chapters to date posted
I hope you are all taking some time enjoying it.
If you are actually reading it, maybe leave me a post?

That way, if you aren't I won't post anymore and fill up your reader with
stuff you just scroll past anyway, LOL!

Chapter Seven...I think?

      Jo had said all the necessary goodbyes, and told the boys to reach her by cell phone until she called back with the resort number. Closing up the house had been an easy process.......too easy, and reminded her how solitary her life had become. Mack and Beverly would watch over the independent Sir Galahad, and even now he watched her load the car from their deck, licking his paw as if to say “Go ahead, I got this”. Shelly looked back at her home thru the rearview mirror, already feeling lighter, and made her way to the interstate. She didn’t notice how far she had traveled until her stomach growled and her morning coffee wearing off controlled the next pit stop. The hills were already viewable along the highway, and she could do nothing more than stare at the sharp contrast of her travel North coming from the South.
      As the day rolled into dusk she was in awe of the setting sunlight against the russet and gold foliage that had become the main source of vegetation. Changing the radio again due to lost signal of the previous station, she saw the sign for her turn off the main highway was ahead. Her imagination told her that soon she would be curled up on a couch with the romance book bought on impulse at the country cafĂ© slash gift store slash laundromat that she had stopped at for lunch. Tia, her lip smacking coffe pot carrying waitress describe it as a "hot mess". Shelly was going to assume in a good way
     She followed the specific directions on her fancy new GPS, and as she looked at her surroundings thought “am I lost?” Quickly followed by, “if I am never let me be found”. There was no amount of vocabulary to describe the views she repeatedly stopped to enjoy as she slowly climbed up the mountainside. There was a feel to the area, that she could not explain….just accept in peace. She passed a stone pillar, strategically lit to display the lodge's name of Red Rock Reserve and drawing her drive to end. As she continued on she noticed a sign posted “To Main House”, the one directing to “Private Cabins” on her right led her sight to a meandering patch of flattened leaves that led to a well lit hillside placement of quant cabins in which you could barely see the fronts of. She continued her path up to an area that showed itself to be the Main House only by self implication. The road opened up to an amazing reveal of wood meets stunning backdrop. Maybe it was the dozen rocking chairs set on a wide planked porch of heavy oak, or the soft plume of smoke coming from car size fireplace stacks jutting up from both ends that indicated she had arrived at her destination. As she stepped out from her car, she looked up at the canopy of limbs barely covered by scattered leaves and thought how did one change environments as quick as morning to night.
      Dusk was causing all sorts of glittering to pass thru to the ground, leaving tiny road maps of light that moved as branches swayed. Reaching back in to grab her purse, she turned suddenly as she heard a loud shout from the direction of the front porch. Her first reaction to the noise brought her eyes to a broad shouldered man running toward her yelling something unintelligible and pointing in her direction. Had she been less mesmerized by her surroundings, she may have caught that he was giving her some kind of warning. As seconds passed, she sensed by his obvious arm flailing warning, that some imminent danger was heading her way. While her mind wrapped around the thought of danger, she must of sense something close by. She looked down just a fraction, and noticed some yellow, brown, grayish furry mass coming at her full steam. She started to direct her “serious, not taking any prisoners expression” towards the rapidly approaching fur ball, when intelligence overruled. She lifted her arms up to her face, and was promptly rewarded by a large, fluff of animal jumping up to her chest and felt herself falling backwards before she could turn away or ground her feet. She hit hard, and was immediately administered a thorough lick fest tha felt like its was being given by a truck.  She was having problems catching her breath, and started to feel lightheaded. She vaguely saw shadows but felt multiple hands reached for her….. seemingly to grab at anything they could. A voice reached her...sounding familiar, but she started to fade and lost its direction. She was fading out, and barely felt the strong arms that picked her up.....the smell of wood, fire, and soap was the last thing she noticed before she went out completely.
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I will give you 3 guesses, first 2 don't count...

What little item do you think I am using this morning to stir my coffee?
Thank you Osh Posh for the borrow
List for the day?...dishwasher turned on

I have been doing the usual, passing life by as I drive to the beach, and yes I
have several unanswered as of yet voice mails
and please do not ask about e-mails
Balancing a checkbook?..... thing of the  past

I feel like my summer is already doing a wrap up.
Home from Houston, watching ads for back to school supplies, and of course
the inevitable search for a moment of peace that has alluded me all summer

I have been creative, but not in a relaxing way...more of a sense
of accomplishment way that gives you satisfaction you did good
I have not scrapped on a layout in two weeks,
nor finished any CT duties this month
Well.......what is that saying?
Is this that mojo blocker they talk about that NEVER happens to me?

I have seen and felt so many things this summer, that it clearly was not a bust
Things happened! Where was I?
Did I sleep thru it?

I still dream of wheelchairs, intercoms, elevator goes up..elevator goes down
Yes, that wig is horrible, but the scarf is hideous
I was glad I remembered how to spike an IV bag, and that I could still get
"Assertive" when I needed to be.
Prepping someone else for surgery, even if they are 13
...is still very disfunctional especially when they take up the spot your bed
that hubby has vacated and kick in their sleep

One more cup of coffee, a few more hours of waiting, then waiting some more
Home this evening, with McD's because previous mentioned 13 y/o
has not had food now for two days
and already has a food wish list spoken aloud.

I hope whatever is passing me by as far as creative spark, reaches you
and says "Can I hang?"...maybe you can convince it to come back to me

I want to send out some random hugs, just because some days we need them

Liz: Let love be your guide and it will guide you

Kerry : Mother of a brave little boy, squeeze him extra for me

Sammie: Because you are special and bring something beautfiul to the world...everyday

Dana: For allowing me to believe that you do not have to see friends to be one

Trista: Never failing to add a smile and boost of confidence to my day

Mary: You truly can never have enough friends, thank you for becoming mine

Randi: Chickenbutt is a term of endearment...trust me

Charlotte: For loving Guy, and being in our life

Stephanie: For allowing "old eggs" be a "yoke" I still say beautiful babies anyway

GP Praisers: Just because you are awesome in so many ways, everyday

To my Mom
for being an example of what you should and should not do in your life
We need guides for both, and you have been.

To my followers, each and everyone.
I love that as I sit here and write, I am for a moment part of your life
Thank you for reading, sharing, and believing in that we can all
come together in this world if we look for a way
Who knew scrapping would be mine?



Guess where I have been?

I took a little trip to China...WHAT?!
Yeah, not really, but Liz did her best to us give a taste of Asia
It has to be cooler than Texas...have I said it is hot here yet?

Liz has often made kits for CT members, and tries give us what we want to see,
This week, LaShawn was the lucky Creative Sweetie that was given a special kit
after she said she loved Pandas and wanted a panda kit

My matching WORDART

Which I got to play with....I chose the shadowed Peace frame WA cluster
 to use on this layout of my middle on a vacation
He was for years camera shy, and on many vacations, I would return home to
find we had so few photos of him because of it.

When we got to this area of Animal Kingdom,
he actually asked me to take his photo
I was so relieved as the past two years have passed
he has gotten over most of his shyness

The kit and WA is in store at Gotta Pixel and on sale this weekend

There have been several giveaways on facebook, so make sure
that you follow me and Sweet Digi Scraps for the current happenings!


Wednesday...Do I have time to Scrap?

Well, all work and no play has certainly played havoc on my scrapping
I have made a promise to open PSE today and work on the gabillion photos I have
yet to scrap or even edit.

I have been taking photos of our recent visit here in Houston to continue our
summer hybrd album I hope you are following along
(just click hybrid cloud above for links)
The photos?...no problem
Getting them transfered to my computer from my phone or camera?
Impossible as I forgot the proper cable..or should I say
Markie packed the wrong one..poor guy, he can only do so much

When I tell you about Houston so many things come to mind
It is hot. The green seems more brilliant due to it is usually sitting next
to something bland like concrete or metal
I would hate to know what MD Anderson spends on landscaping
but it is beautiful...and my view is daily
The roads are horrible, but I love the fact that if you know two or three
they can lead you anywhere you want to go
I have met so many people that I can't possibly remember their names
but the story is the same...."I am here to save my life"
I never truly appreciated the value of a bald head or lap blanket
For that matter, coffee has transcended up into yet still another level
for me on my daily list of must do's or haves
I have come to appreciate the mini nuances of elevator courtesy and that getting
on and off of them is clearly a difficult decision for some
Discovering a pair of zebra print flip flops in a boutique tucked away off a side
street, truly can make your day...thank you Ashley for your kindness
Will I miss my time here...absolutely not

Will my time here forever mark my life.....for certain

My friends here in digi world, and now some in real life remind me that
you do not have to physically be in presence of someone to call them a friend.
I am missing my beach chair, my moments alone to catch my breath
and without saying...you know who

My challenge for you today is to stop whatever train you are on
open your scrap program....and scrap
Scrap anything...doesn't matter, just take a moment for yourself
to mark where you are in your life right now
It is worth documenting...and as a favor to me...journal it

Huggz back to all those who send them to me daily


Snapshot Time!

It is time to make room in your stash for a funky fun photography kit!
This coming from the worse picture taker you know...trust me

Liz made a very cool vintage feeling flapper girl kinda kit and I played!

Photo Shoot

I made both a Word Art and an Alpha set

They are in store today, and along with the other New Releases
they are all on sale for 30% OFF!

I made you a little freebie just for stopping by

~Download Expired~

I hope the kit or word art inspires you to grab your camera and take
some time to snaphot your life.
Don't forget to scrap and please remember to journal.
The two go hand in hand!


I am Cross-Eyed....send help

After a much deserved hiatus, Liz has been on a roll
That means?.....so have I, but it feels GOOT!!!!!!

Another new release is a cute kit that I requested for myself
Well, specifically for my daughter

So I made a WORD ART set that was more fo the fun side of those appts
with a couple of actual sayings we talked about during them, LOL!

The teenage eye chart was Emi's idea, so thank her..hahahahaha!
We thought of so many different things to say in "text" language,
but my hubby only came up with LOL....so since we already know how
lame that is, I left it out...bwahahahahahahaha!

I included a "Mum" in there for my UK friends, I hope you all notice

cu  L8er!

$1 Gotta Grab It is Here...and a Freebie

It's that time...July's $1 GGI is here and I have some goodies for you!

Liz went tropical this month, so that means? So did I, LOL!
Her GGI made me think immediately of missing my beach chair back home,
even if I would have to kick some tar balls out of my way


My Word Art includes a Full Wood Look Alpha!

Then Liz gave me another instant love. She used my favorite colors to create
this calm, "make me wish I was floating in water" somewhere beachy kind of kit.

Set Adrift

My matching Word Art and a custom Alpha set that I used in making both

and there is also a freebie for these as well......I figure I like gifts, so pay it forward..:)



I am loving my coffee this morning,
have some sweet tunage from a friend I am enjoying
and I may be on my last week in the hot mess we call Texas

Take care and me back later for another funky kit and word art to show off


Oh, what a Tuesday..

You all know me to be notoriously blunt, and often sarcastic.
It is more than a flaw, it is a super power.....
I have many, LOL!

I have found that on top of the heat, the worst roads in America, that
Texas also officially has the worst customer sales I have ever encountered.

Imagine, if you will......
An older woman, we will say 50-ish, behind a counter of a rather
fundamentally secure place of employment (we will say Government and leave it)
smacking a HUGE piece of gum, with nails that should be measured in case
they are needing a new entry to the Guiness.
I had a simple request, those of us in line all had the same purpose, no surprises.
I not only could not understand her, was almost certain by the raised voices that preceeded me,
non one else could either.

While we played verbal tennis with the whole:

"What do you mean"
"What date?
"Do you mean what date do I want it to get there?" 
"No special date, just send it, cheapest rate"
"Douwuntany stamps, envelopes, or cards?"

Ahhhhhh, clarity when it came to what makes the bucks

Anyway, I could not stand it anymore. Paid, had to leave.
But did leave the parting shot of:

I need to go home in a severe kind of way
At least I understand hick and can communicate in it.

A good Tuesday thing is $1 Pixels!
My very first set of word art for Liz is in the category today
that matches her Mother Goose kit

Make sure you stop by and grab the goodies while the sale is active!

Take care, and



Happy 4th, How about a freebie?!

Hi everyone!
I hope this post finds you all planning lots of fun with you
family and friends. We are still sweating it out in Houston

I did manage to squeeze in a work day this past week, and Colie made
a great Independence Day kit that I got to play with:

A matching set of Word Art

and of course, my little freebie for all my blog friends

Sorry, Expired

Please stay safe, cool, and enjoy every minute of your weekend