If a Bunny Hops in the Woods, Is it still called Camping?

Silly question, but that is just an example of the goofy things my mind
randomly thought of while working on two new sets of
Word Art this last week.
I was graciously asked by Colie of Colies Corner Creations
to have free reign of her store to play with....WHAT?!
Just take whatever I want and play with it?! No problem!

She made a sweet Easter kit for $1 Pixels today, so I snagged it first:

How sweet is that chick! My head had a great time thinking of 
chicks things to say, as one of my expressions is
"What's up chicken butt"
Ask any of my friends, they will tell ya"
But I stuck with the Easter/Spring theme and made these:

Now to the "woods" and "Camping" part of this...hahahahaha!
I promise they are totally unrelated....ACK!

She has a great camping kinda summer camp kit called

I lubs that little owl, although I personally have never seen an owl while
camping. I have seen a goat, but that is a compleeeeeeetly different
story...never to be told in public again!

So made a these:

I chose to use phrases that pertain to me, my family and friends
and the sort of camping experience we have when we go.
and, yes...I am pretty sure all of those things have come out of someone's
mouth during our weekends.....a couple of times!

All these sets and kits can be found HERE at Gotta Pixel,
and guess what?

The Bunny Hop kit and Word Art for both are on sale today
for $1 for $1 Pixels Tusedays!!!!!!

And of course, I made a little something, something for you.
This one is free, but remember personal use only.


Sorry, Expired

Thank you Colie, I am having so much fun "shopping" in your store.

Thank you blog friends for your sweet comments and support.
A new chapter of "WHAT" will be posted tomorrow!


No Bad Photo's...EVER?

I wanted to share with you guys the link to a blog
of my friend Sammie's...actually her son Teddy's:

I know I have posted the link before, but really want everyone
to go by and browse. Read the heart behind the posts.
I can say that the entire concept of
what I always think of myself and the taking of photos
is slowly but surely being validated.
I am often more concerned with how a photo looks
then what does the photo mean.
Frankly, this ignores how I feel about other things in my
life as I am a "in the moment" kinda girl, so why should
my photos be picture perfect.
They are, just by being taken.
Why does scrapping in such a large medium as digi
put far more weight in the edit if a photo, than the soul
of it. Why we took it to begin with.
I don't mean for previews, or advertsiment.
Duh, those would have to be more spectacular on some level.
I mean those photos we, or our children take, that sit and
collect dust for our fear of what people will say about them if we use
them in some fashion on a layout or post.
I am not normally guilty of this per my history, but will be honest
that the thought creeps in sometimes.
Let it go, I am working on that myself.
Go by for a visit to the blog, and see for yourself that
those photos taken with those tiny hands are wonderfully
and heartfully spectacular.

I heart you,  Teddy boy!


Next Chapter....

Have I said how frustrated I get with blogger? They drive me nuts. This chapter took several edits to get on here, and the line breaks are still not perfect. Not that I have ever said I know how to edit, but you get the drift. I hope you enjoy more of "whatever"

Chapter 4

      The first part of her weekend was spent looking on different internet sites trying to find an available cabin close to the lodge. With increasing frustration, she soon found this time of year was their main tourist season. Even the cabins located near the corporate facility had been booked for months, so no last minute cancellation was expected. The desk clerk full of Southern charm had willingly given her a number to a small, privately owned resort located about five miles up and off the main path of their location, stating the views there were just as spectacular. Jo tried the number, but only got an answering machine. She decided to go for a quick drive over to the mainland to shop for some warm clothes and that much needed robe. “Think positive” she muttered to herself, re-adjusting the driver seat. How does that happen when no one else drives your car, she wondered?
      Hours later she realized as she lugged half a dozen bags, you can take the girl out of the mall, but never the mall out of the girl. Her car was loaded with bags of jeans, sweaters, boots, and two new robes. She splurged on a thick, embroidered calf length one that was so plush she could use it as a rug. She even bought the matching flannel pj’s and booties on impulse. Pink and a size smaller than she had even thought she needed, they felt like heaven. Who said redheads shouldn’t wear pink? It was a shame no one would see how cute she would look with her curly mid back length hair piled up like an explosion. Her favorite weekend hair-do. How could she have forgotten what it felt like to buy pretty things? Glancing in the rear view mirror, she judged her face to be pretty much as it had for years. She guessed she was in a holding pattern. Her skin had few wrinkles. Most near her eyes derived from years of laughing at a household of men with enough dry wit to form sandpaper. Jo had been the recipient of her mother’s heart shape face, and her father’s up turned nose with a small splatter of freckles she never bothered to hide. He would pick on her and say she would drown if she looked up in a rain storm. Through the years, any self doubt about her self had been completely destroyed by Jack’s constant support and flattery. The women in her family had always been blessed with an even skin tone, and not in much need of make up. She felt she was in good shape. The miles she walked up and down hospital stairs each week added up to some pretty serious exercise. Most weekends were spent swimming, boating, or bicycling along the store fronts towards the boardwalk. Shelly had joked about her figure, and shopping today had confirmed more weight was gone than she had felt.
      Once home, she grabbed the phone deciding to let the bags dropped by the door and new clothes spread around the living area just stay there. She had scattered them in relaxed poses on invisible couch people to see how the pieces matched together. Having propped the boots against the end in wait for her to slide them on again. The smell of leather can certainly make a girl smile. Leaving a message for Shelly, letting her know she would be coming in late the next morning, Jo decided to try the rental resort again. On the third ring, she was taken aback by the short quick “Hello” that came from her phone.
     “Yes, is this the...” she looked at her note written earlier, chin holding the phone “Red Rock Resort?”
     “Yes ma’am, may I help you?” This came out as a hurried heavy response, with little conviction that the man on the other end really wanted to do what he offered. She could hear some loud deep barking in the back ground from what sounded like a beast of an animal.
      “I, um…..got your number from the mountain facility. They said you may have an available cabin for rent.” The animal in the background was getting louder, and she could hear there was some kind of struggling movement by the rubbing noises being made from the receiver.
      “Sorry, nothing available right now. This is my first season. You can always call back after November and see what the winter schedule looks like.” All of this came out in a short breathless rude clip in the form of a question. He was having a difficult time talking and holding the phone due to whatever was earlier moderately upset, was now in full howling mode. He redeemed himself some by asking her to hold one moment…..like she had a choice as she heard the phone drop on some surface. Jo could hear a lot of coaxing sounds from the man towards an obviously determined pet. After a minute or two, and a very sound shutting of some door, his apology seemed sincere but winded coming through the phone.
      “I am so sorry about that. He get’s a little excited about all of the workers up here. He’s the unofficial mascot. Now, where were we? Oh, yes, you wanted a rental. Unfortunately, I am booked for the next few weeks, but they say the area drops off some once the first snow starts. Most snowbirds go further north for the skiing.”
     Interrupting his denial, she persisted in hope “I’m calling from Florida, and we have a work conference coming up, and I really wanted to have more privacy than the Mountain House Resort rooms give. I haven’t had a vacation in long time, so,” her voice lowered a bit and she said “I thought two birds with one stone. I’ve been a little overwhelmed lately, and was hoping to have some time to let down a little before I had to come back home.” Why had she told them that? She didn’t know this man. She looked down to the new necklace resting on her chest, and started twirling the wood beads in her fingers. Just because she heard his patient but frustrated voice soothing the obnoxious beast earlier did not make him available for her problems.
     A pause…yep, a definite pause …then he continued, “I’m really sorry, but maybe you can keep us in mind for future....Ahh crap!” A sudden noise that broke the tone of the conversation came from the background and she wrinkled her brows in question of its origin. Several loud bangs, and his sudden dropping of the phone again, led her to believe maybe this conversation had one too many in it. Disappointed, she decided to hang up. She had barely pulled the phone from her ear, when she heard his exasperated voice again.
     “Listen, I have one cabin that is in need of a few repairs, but I could get it close to ready as long as you don’t need it before next weekend. No promise the water will be flowing perfectly, but lack of pressure shouldn’t keep you from getting clean” How could she sense the smile on his face?
      Before he could change his mind she blurted “I’ll take it. I’ll take anything you’ve got, as long as it has a roof...and a fireplace.” She felt lighter already. “Thank you so much, you don’t know how much this means” When had she gotten so excited about this trip? Two days can really change a person’s perspective. Shelly will never believe she had come full circle so quickly. “My name is Jo ....” she was cut off again by his sudden voice.
      “Yeah, yeah.....Listen, you just show up and we’ll get acquainted then. I’ve really got to go, before he digs out through my new door. Sorry.” Click. That was it.
       She stared at her phone wondering if she had just made a big mistake. Surely he needed some kind of information from her. What kind of resort had bad pipes, or the need for new doors? There was definitely some argument over control with a pet that he was losing. Maybe Mr. Smooth voice was just an overwhelmed pet owner, and she had caught him at a bad time. She only knew for a fact, there had better be a place for her to sleep after a nine hour drive.
       Oh no! Driving! She had better get on with a car search too before her trip, or she may not make it anyway. The weekend was slipping away.
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Another week gone....huh?!

I finally took some time to scrap this last week.
Funny, how I seem to always get behind in life,
 without any intention of doing so.
How does that happen? I am sitting here most days.
What am I doing?.....probably nothing productive.

I did have some creative mojo ideas spurts, and
have made list a mile long of layout samples I want to make.
When I see something on t.v.....or in real life that
triggers something, I have started writing them down.
I don't watch the show Kell on earth, but her Bravo logo
is sooooooo going to be done on layout soon..hahahaha!

When I saw this kit in it's pre-stages, I felt the same way:

by Isabel Mendez

I had an immediately surge of several ideas, as this kit
seemed perfect for my daughter and her friends.

I knew the elements would be perfect, and went with a template
made by my friend and new designer to Digi Chick Cheryl, aka....

Aren't those elements fabulous for our quirky, kooky girls?!

Then I rememered these photos of a rather goofy story that happened
on our last vacation. The journaling says more than I could
reiterate on here, but once you read you will know I had to scrap!

I am sure this kit will get more uses
as the next few teenage years are upon us!

Chapter Four will be here tomorrow, those line break issues
are like having to comletely re-type everything...UGH!
Happy weekend, chicks!


Cutest Hybrid.....

I have been getting a "Easter basket" of goodies ready
to mail off to Asha, and decided to use it as a perfect
excuse to make some quick and fun pj's.
I always buy her seperates, and keep it simple due to stains.
When I saw these Garanimal's at Wally World, I snagged!

Liz had just released this crazy cute kit

and I made matching Word-Art

I thought...perfect time for some iron-on transfers!!! DUH!!!

I started with Avery's 8.5x11 Light Fabric Transfer sheets.
They come in a pack of 12 for $8, so that works out to be $1.50 sheet.
Good deal for so many uses.

I printed out two on my sheet, but had room for several more as I
was printing on size 24 months clothes.
You will notice that I used one word art from the kit,
and my freebie made specially' for Asha located a couple
of post down (scroll, a little work won't hurt ya', LOL)

Then grabbed my two items

When you follow the direction, it advises you to reverse your
transfer. Don't assume you will do this because you know
better. Uh....I so did not do this one, and now I have a really cute
but backwards "spare" jammie!

The rest is really easy...dry iron, cool, peel....

Yes, that is "Baby got Brach" on the butt end of her pj's.
How could I resist?!?!

This was really a lot of fun, and now everone in my
house needs to be warned of impeding iron on transfer
crazyness....I think I will do it to everything!

Both the kit and the word art is on sale thru Saturday at 50% off,
so make sure you go by and pick up before the sale ends!


Be vwery qwuiet......but

All of the $1 kits in the store are still active.
Both the Gotta Grab It and $1 Pixels.
Tell everyone, but be quiet about it, LOL!

Admin may come in a change any moment
as both sales have technically ended....ACK!

I also have a cute iron on hybrid coming up with

You are so going to want to grab this kit while on sale,
only until Saturday, because once you see
what I am making?......you will soooooo doing
it yourself...promise!!!

Don't forget I have some new matching freebies posted.
Either scroll down or use my "freebies" cloud above!


Guess What today is?!?!?!?!

TUESDAY!!! And that means even more great sales
on top of the Gotta Grab It $1 Event still going on!
Every Tuesday is $1 Pixels at Gotta Pixel and this week
Liz has created a fun kit to scrap all those construction
work, projects and boys playing pages!

aT woRk

and I have made a Word-Art Set to go along with it:

You can snag them both HERE

I scrapped some photos of the "guys" building the shed a few years ago.
I would love to say they stayed on task, and it turned out EXACTLY like
planned, but alas..it has the Lewis curse, and its yet one more not quite
right project. Some painting and caulking, then she should look
like the delusion of grandeur they intended her to be.

I have also made you a little word -art freebie, of course.

Sorry, Expired
Thanks for checking out the kit and my new WA set.
I hope you all enjoy!


"D" is for Dinosuar....Rawwr!!!

I just had to show you this!

I had such fun creating this set of Word-Art,
 and Liz made us acustom exclusive Volcano I got to use!
It is only available in my set.

This one is crazy CUTE!

It matches Liz's kit

Make sure you go by the store and pick up, as it
is on sale for 50% off this weekend.

If you are coming by for the Gotta Grab It Event Ad
or my sweet little freebie?......
Keep scrolling!

Guess What Is Happening?

It's Gotta Grab It at Gotta Pixel!!!

This is absolutely oneof my favorites events all month
in the shop. I can pick up some great deals, and I am
all about a deal!...hahahahaha!
The entire monthly event has store filled with
$1 kits, all of the same color swatch.

This months color swatch screams to all of us
Mom's with girlz....and girlz with funk!

I made a word art set that matches Liz's kit Miss Print.
All kinds of cuteness that perfectly fits the gurlz in my house!

And because you know I love you all so much,
a little something, something.....

Sorry, Expired


A Shared Family Trait

I wanted to pass a little bit of art your way again.
This one is courtesy of my oldest, in town to see my Mom.
Crazy talent out there, if you haven't found any on your own yet
get out your scrap program for a minute and look....hahahahaha!

Kseniya Simonova is a Ukrainian artist who just won Ukraine's version
 of "America's Got Talent." She uses a giant light box, dramatic music and imagination.

I am so inspired for great things when I see this kind of talent.
I hope it inspires you.


Uh oh...Redemption Time.....

Okay, so I now need to redeem myself for not posting this earlier.

My last two weeks have been stupid crazy, and no relief in sight.
And yes, I will be posting a new chapter of the book
this week, just have to convert the line breaks and all in order to post to blogger....who knew there would be technical stuff?!?!?!
Thank you for sending me e-mails, screaming "Where is my next chapter"
even if you don't really mean it, hahahahahaha!
I love you guys!

My ADSR partner Sammie(scrappy_dog) and her sister-in-law
Louis(bjella) have started a scrap for hire business.
Not your usual scrapbooking...there is so much more to it.
I would never be able to tell their story like them, so:

Please stop by and read why they began this journey, it is amazing.
They have asked me and Madae, also known around digi world,
to help them create special, unique memory books.

I have been tweaking that blog this week,
and more to come, but how fun is the monkey?!?! 
Thank you Randi (Randi Oh Designs) for the use of "Dude"
Teddy, Sammie's son is another closet photographer in the family
 and his story is so much fun to be part of.

Make sure you stop by and follow, as it will be updated more often
than the site itself with specials, offers and such.

The first official newsletter will be going out very soon,
you can sign up for it here:

Thank you all for the support we always seem to gather here in digiworld.
and I love you all just for stoping in a reading...:)


Yes, it is true

I was much more challenged with life this week.
ADSR 7&8, new team work, and a general feeling that
Spring cleaning may be around the corner with it's pressure.

I will admit that the idea of a "Bucket list" seemed daunting to me at first read.
Once I started on the usual things we all aspire, dream, and of course wish for....
I had run into some old desires that I thought only fair to admit.

This nut job of a layout, was really fun and gave me wings to create something I may not have otherwise.
Then the rub, where the crap was I going to put my 1st 50 things.
I rarely sit on a layout due to journaling, that is the easiest part for me.....always.
This one......moved things around so much, even my cartoon
avatar begged for a vacation.

Along those same lines....#8 was using the word
We could choose whatever way, form we wanted to incorporate
and this is my version, dedicated to my man.

This layout, just the opposite of #7, started and completed in about 30minutes.
I know it is minimalistic for me, but the words said it all.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend.
It is GORGEOUS here along the coast, and I am needing
the breezes off the beach to come thru and dust my house
............and my mind for that matter.
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An E-mail Surprise!

I received the sweetest email from my friend Stacey this afternoon,
sending me this little beauty:

I LOVE IT!!!! Thanks Stacey, you know me and you don't really even know me...YET!!!!

On the same note, this same friend is the editor of a little mag
This little layout was challenge #1 of my bestest partner,
got picked for the subject of ADSR review,
and was published in the March magazine:

You can pick up your copy HERE...or at there is a listing
of individual site to pick up single copy issues.
While you are there, browse around the forum HERE for some
fabulous QP's made by one of the best cluster artists around.

Enjoy, my bloggity chicks!