Auto Pilot and A Coffee Seatbelt

Do you remember the times when the threat of getting your b*** beat with a switch that you had to go get off a tree yourself, was enough to force you into submission. Well, I have never adopted that parenting style, but often felt like I should have. Our children are smarter, quicker and unfortunately growing up at a warp drive speed that can not possibly be normal. They are bolder, and in my house....require some pretty quick responses to keep them from realizing it all.

I found myself on auto pilot this morning, prior to coffee.....and sharing my bathroom with the youngest. There was this straight ironing, eye-lining, texting one handed...very well I should add....woman child that had replaced my sweet, uncertain daughter. I must have been staring long enough for the multi-tasker to notice, because she cocked her head at me and said......"What's wrong with you?" Does this imply that by staring at her, there is a definite problem? Or in the staring process, did my face reflect some emotions that had distorted my features into a questionable act. My first reply was a double blink that cleared all thoughts from my head, with the exception of why are you wearing so much liner...you look like photo for don't do this ....oh crap "did I say that out loud?". Her face and spinal collapse response assured me I had.
Now, I am stuck in the dilemma of...... do I tell her I didn't mean to say that, and lose all creditability with my kids and my I will never lie to you rule? or do I just backtrack in silence and let her fuming all the way to her own bathroom be the final word, knowing she will have forgotten it by this afternoon? Never admit quilt until you have at least a few seconds to come up with a reasonable response...leading me to finally look her dead in the eye in a rather sincere way and defending myself with..." I really should only open my mouth to insert coffee into it before 8:00 a.m.", ahhhhh the universal free pass. Coffee is truly the only thing that keeps me strapped in most days......pharmaceuticals would be the next option.

Since this is the second week of school, much talk has been about the relieved pressures that she no longer feels. Gone are the days of working all year for the much coveted A/B honor roll, just to earn the aqua blue bike "just like in that movie". Now her response is more on the level of...if it ain't due tomorrow, I have time. She gets that from her father......my procrastination is more focused and often accompanies the steady moving back and forth of some object that is always a little off....this week the cute cover to the nightlight, just can't seem to get that sucker straight. Go figure...

Here is a layout, that has that daughter and that bike from previously rewarded efforts, all on one page.:

I used an adorable kit from Sara Ellis called Zoomers. All images are linked to her store at Gotta Pixel. I also had time to make a great birthday card for a friend's son:

Super easy to do, and I gave it a small pocket for a note and gift card I picked up.Can't wait until he sees that airplane inside....loves them as his daddy is a pilot!
Feeling alone and dejected this morning after the snuff my daughter gave me as she was leaving, also brought to full frontal realization that Asha has really gone back home. Some of you know my issues with her living so far away, and some don't...but know that she took with her a piece of my heart that hurts even now three weeks later. Don't know when she will come home for a visit again, but thought I would make a layout using the last photo we took of her. If only I had known she would be gone that next day....

Okay, even I am tired of this post, so I will leave you with a thought that popped out of ......well you know:

I want cheesecake


Poor Markie Mark......

How many times can we say that in a year....or two....
I was purging my scrap kit file, and decided to clean up my photos as well. I will say at over 400 kits left, I have serious denial issues. I did really good at seperating the paper layout project photos from the digital but please don't ask me what my system is, I just have one! I have a ton of photos of our jet ski experiences and did stick with basic blues and greens for them all.
When I sat to work on a few tradiditonal pages this week, I found some I had not used in either medium. WHAT!!!! How do these things get lost....must be things I attempt before coffee.
Often we have all the kids and a butt-load(yes, that is a southern term)of friends meet us at the river or beach...then it is all an all day blow out! We rock till we drop....and this second side of a two page layout was a prime example of things that typically go wrong in our world.

I didn't include the first page here, cause it was mostly journaling.

We had taken several of our kids friends that day, those poor shmucks still beg to go. The "boys" had the attached the tube to the jet ski to ride on, but we had forgotten to remind them about keeping the rope tight.....duh.....well, Mr Farty Smarty Markie....who "has it under control, honey"....shoulda woulda coulda....that is all I am saying. Of course, when they had to get the "girls" to go the to the MWR office to borrow paddles to "row it back to the dock to work on"....we couldn't resist laughing and snapping along the way. I have to admit, poor Markie did try to loosen the rope the hard way first, "googles" and all...(did I type googles?...yes because in her laughing uncontrollablly state Emi called them that by mistake, which made us laugh more)

Eventually, we were all back on the water in sun burn mode, but only my man could make something so retarded...look so good in googles....I am a lucky girl

I love you lots sasquatch......and by the way...Wendy says...."shut up Mark"

Credit: Up The Creek by Connie Prince / Elemental Scraps


I Am Soooooo Doing This......

This is exactly what our next family photo will look like.... no joke, even Mark loves it....

HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!! So tired of the same old boring photo's that look good, but don't really define who you are....and I really want those shoes Zooey is wearing. Love me some wedges, the zebra stripe is icing! I wonder if her legs come with them?

We haven't had an actual professional shot done in years, and swore this was the year. Of course we have plans for the sepia and b&w's...but this is the style I want over the fireplace. Bold and a conversation stopper! Need to replace my art, or at least move it around, my house feels stale.

Found this little piece of darling work at a random site you can find HERE .....and wait until you see the grape cluster scarf..... crazy cool.


Blueberry Muffins and a Trashy Novel

Pretty much the recipe for my afternoon.....made the first and reading the second.

I have finished with week #4 the final ct challenge at Gotta Pixel....WOO HOO! This layout ended up being a compilation that was perfect for the first page of my year in review album from 08'......shut up, I don't want to hear it...I know this is 09'... so?! I had about twenty pages completed, and it corresponded with my cruise album... that means the biggest two album works of last year are DONE! The first page of a book, I think....needs to set up what the person is going to see next.

Because a mass majority of photos we take are outdoors and beach related, it is always hard for me to find new kits that will keep the main color concept solid through the project...that darn OCD! And since there is no kit perfect enough to use on 20+ pages...it took some time, but the final project really seems to give you a view of what is coming up:

Part of the challenge on this one, was to journal...no problem for me the journal freak! It also brought to my attention, how few photos I have of my oldest child. One well placed phone message and we will hope he'll take some or have his girl do it for me......five states is tooo far away and much to hope for an osmosis intervention.

Back to my book and a movie night. See ya another day, but the same old way...hahahahaha


I Heart Daniel Vosovic

I am not sure if any of my friends out here in blog land, even know who Daniel Vosovic is, but I heart him.....ALOT!!!!

I followed
him on
like a
crack addict,
which in case
I haven't
said before....
I don't do
reality t.v. shows
....nor have I
Runway since.

There was something in his style and his face that caught me the moment I randomly channel surfed found him. My husband says it is because our middle son and him look soooooo similar:

Forgive the grainy shot, it is a save picture as shot but used it cause it is the most recent. (let me go on record I don't have a clue who's bathroom he is in, sorry if it is yours, lol)Tall, thin but stylishly lanky with those eyes that just call you in. Trust me when I say, even Russell has heard it more times from random people than he can count! Poor kid doesn't have one ounce of fashion sense, but his charm is there just the same.

I don't know why I heart a total stranger, but am thrilled for him in his recent Runway All Star Challenge! His designs make me wish I was thin, and his love for all things uniquely urban pretty make me wish I lived in his world to pick up some of that mojo. That redonkulously fabulous photo is linked to his website and tells the ends and outs of his FIRST upcoming Spring fashion show in NYC and a much raved about book he wrote. Finding where his clothing line will be showed, is on my list of things to do when I go to the Big Apple....until then....I heart you Daniel!


Made a wish...need to blow out some candles!

Do you
see this
kit here?
Make A Wish?
...well, this little beauty is MINE!!!....happy dance times infinity on this side of the computer.
There is no secret that I proudly sport blinkies from my favorite designers or blogs...it is my space, so I can and will. I am a scrapbooker that loves all sorts of design styles and will always be. No politics about sites, designers or CT's.....don't care, never will. I became a fan of New Lifes Dreams when I saw her consistency with detail and making everyday things or moments beautiful, fanciful, and often frivolous that means all us girls will love it! She is always generous with her art, and sends out coupons, mini gifts and random generator full kit giveaway's....so all of us get a chance of owning her creations, and well.....this week it is ME!!!!!!
I love good news first thing in the morning, and gifts are even better....what a way to forgive Monday for happening, yet still again this week...hahahahahaha!
I am off to browse the Shabby Pickle Store, and await my download.....sigh......there is contentment with this morning's cup of coffee.


Can I Get an Amen.....sister's

This poor layout needs it! I really struggled this week for challenge #3. We had to expose a quilty pleasure.....sounds easy, I gots lots of em'

When I sat down to start this layout Monday night, I froze. Most of my guilty pleasures are stupid.....not really pleasures, but things I do just for me.

I will try to explain the photos and the layout...no journaling, just seemded redundant to me when I finished the design

A couple were no brainers....coffee and Mimosa addict....duh, you all know me by now.

Two were secrets, but not the "I will tell you, but I would have to kill ya kind".
I take road art photos. Stupid random things I think are cool. The one in the layout is of a phone pole on a neighboring street I see all the time (I should, there ia a STOP sign there too, lol) I loved how it told a story of garage sales, yard sales, lost/found puppies and cats...and the various things they applied those signs with. Nails, screws, tacks, roof tacks, tape..yes, tape and it is still there. Also one of my Ipod shuffle....not filled with cool, hip music like I tell everyone.....but Italian, the Premsler method.....trying to learn, in case we move to Italy with hubby's DOD job.

The last stupid ones, are

Poker...I especially like the smell of cigars when we play.
Paper and old books.....one for the smell and the other for the look and textures they have that modern writing loses.
and last but not least....the secret one....exposed.

I love not making the bed on Sundays. I make the bed everyday, all week, but there is something about lazy Sunday mornings that just make me walk away from the bed....coming back with coffee and a paper......coming back for a mid day snooze and some cool movie.......and snuggling back in that night, like a 1000 thread count hug.

Probably should have included the $400 sheets as a guilty pleasure too, but who's counting.


Something Smelly in the House

Ahhhhhh...... the smell of school supplies.
I am a huge fan of the way things smell. Not the bad, stinky burnt food kinda odors or the ones that boys seem to carry around with them, like wet dog...gross! But the things that instantly teleport you back in time just by taking a whiff....which reminds me where is my flux capacitor?

I like the smell of a new book......my fabulous new find fresh fig pot-pourri...... puppy breath and new born baby.....and hummis served with a mound of fresh feta cheese, sweet sun-dried tomatoes, and drizzled with a wine marinade (had to throw that one in there cause that was lunch last Saturday...and man was it some kind of fabulous)

I'm talking about the way your nose pulls those childhood memories right out of the school supply aisle. The excitement builds as soon as you recieve your teacher notice in the mail. That little postcard sends you into the frenzy of 'gotta haves' that are never on your list, but you will beg on your knees for. The smell of a box of crayons...I always got the non-toxic cause I think my mother knew even back then that I was always tempted to eat them. They are just soooo pretty all lined up in their color gradiated rows. I always coveted the big box with the sharpener on the back and the 'perwinkle blue' that only came in that 64 flip top. My entire first year of school was fated to be the best of my life when I brought those home and placed them lovingly in my Holly hobby back-pack. I remember telling my best friend I wouldn't be her friend anymore cause she broke my limited edition tangerine(God love the 70's). I am sorry Rachel...I meant it at the time but but am clearly over it now, so can we move on and will you please forgive me....hahahahaha

One can't forget about the smell of paper that in many forms can cause me to almost drool. Probably a good insight to why I am still a huge fan of paper scrapping. Digital is just a way to connect and to expand on an already awesome hobby. I like the feel, texture, and the smell of all paper products. All those cute litle journals, and notebooks with the current favorite character splashed for all to oohh and ahhhh over. Those darn tiny adorable staplers and colored paperclips set me up for a lifetime of layering hunger. Also a good insight as to why I am very much 3-d scrapper. Hybrid was a natural assumption to making digital feel more like home.

In honor of the impending battle of the shopping carts in the supply aisle this week.....I leave you with a couple of pages from the infamous Miss Em's last year in elementary school.

Don't say it.

I know she is going into seventh grade, but my digi albums are further behind than my paper books. Beside that should remind you that I have both......so naaaaa (imagine me with my tongue stuck out here) or in the words of my teeanager....whatever.

I won an $5.00 gift certificate just for leaving a comment welcoming a new designer at Gotta Pixel (actually two designers, one adorable name) Bella Gypsy. I snagged a great kit that I think will see a lot of use, the school colors in the county are all red/white/blue. I made the word art in both from various alphas I picked up at dollar sales. Which, by the way it is $1 Tuesday at Gotta Pixel, with two more of their kits available for that crazy price.

Bookworm and Ribbonygoodness2 by Bella Gypsy
Various alphas:
Karen Lewis (Rockwiz), Krystal Hartley (Detention), Michelle Baton (Back to School)
Rowena Field (Doodle), MKoegelberg (Cherry Delight), Jada Collectibles (Betsy Ross)

Font is Peasqueaker


A pic, A cuppa, and A Long Week Ahead

Just wanted to share this photo from my friend Kerry. (I stole the cool word cuppa from her...thanx gurl) She is committed to a 365 blog this year, and has some great photos that she has snapped. Since my hubby and I hate sunflowers...as a general rule....wanted to share this.

Who could dislike something that natural and pretty?.....probably made more beautiful because my friend took this on a random day, and shared it with us. You can find her 365 blog HERE.

Happy Monday everyone.....fingers crossed for me this week as I pass security clearance for the new job and enter into Week 3 of the Scrap Star Contest.



Outrageously Adorable...a morning coffee break...

I have to share this blog that I came across.......STINKIN'CUTE....basically all about a boy and girl, their life and loves. She is refreshing, fun, and so artistically creative it hurts to look at her (makes me feel dull and motherish...she could be my kid for all the similiarities to my own three)

Her love.....the boy, has become my new favorite artist with his piano and voice. Stunning and simply complex. Listen and you will understand.
On days when my mojo is on break, this week as a whole it would seem, I surf and read about world plight, constantly reminding myself that we all never do enough for our fellow man......then journal or write something either via scrapbook or journal. I am thankful I have a voice, and often use it on paper just to release the pressure valve in my head, although mostly contributing in small doses to the ongoing two books I am stabbing out on occasion. I have become jaded, and love when I find little spots in the world that remind me how beautiful people are.....how special we can all be to each other. A little morning reminder to look out there, pass your front door or better......into your children's eyes..........find a small dose of reality, even if it is someone else's. Embrace.


Ahhhhhhhhh....coffee and scrapping....alot of scrapping! I have worked on about ten layouts for my "me" album, our cruise album and of course the kiddo's, including Asha.....lots of journaling..... so be forewarned.
When my cancer diagnosis a couple of years ago.....OH MY ....has it really been that long!!!!!...anyway, when that happened in my life and I went on this scrap frenzy, the "me" book was the hardest. Too many moments and memories to deal with all over again. It would have been bad enough if I had not already had cancer once.....life just sucked for a while.
I made this page from just an ordinary photo taken in an ordinary moment in my life. Nothing spectacular about it, but it does COMPLETELY describe my life with my man.

I loved the kits and used several, because.......I can....and it is my favorite style to scrap in paper world. I buy kits that are reflective of my traditional taste. Grungey, Tim Holtz ~~ Wild Asparagus ~~ Basic Grey ~~ kinda love thing....lots of doodles and ink.
Hope everyone is having a fabulous week.....and Leigh....yes, you must now re-do your blog too........get to work.

Weekly Gazette by Amy Wolff
Project 365 SYTYCD by Lindsey Riches
Flight of Fancy by Elise Hansen
So In Love by Doohikey Designs

Font is LD Vanilla


Never The Same.....

Yes...I have changed my blog again......sorry. I have a huge amount of kits I have been hording for some reason, and while Liz is on hiatus with her busy, intense change ....I am scrapping them all.
If you all remember, I did place a disclaimer in my profile about my never being satisfied and needing consatnt cleaning and changing of things....now you share my family's heartache!
I have had a fruitful day.....shopping for school and of course all things scrapbooking. One place I visited due to a HUGE sale, was at Faith Sister's. I have never shopped there before, but am a true addict as of toady. I snagged some crazy awesome alphas, for a dollar EACH. Here is my favorite set:

Not that I am not happy with all the sets I bought, but definitely gonna use these ALOT this fall and winter! The image is linked to the main store page, and has their calendar of events for the monthly events and sales....so, make sure you drop by and pick up some great deals!


Scrap Star Contest!!!!!!

There is something really cool happening at Gotta Pixel, besides Liz joining the team as an owner!!!!! ...... They are having a Scrap Star Contest! There will be a weekly challenge, with some fabulous kits to play with and a fun bunch of women to bring out the scrapper in all of us!
I am so glad Leigh and Kerry have jumped of the cliff with me. The administrators will at it's conclusion, pick a few those scrappers to be on the Gotta Pixel Site CT.
This is the kit from week one:

~COMICAL by simply scraps~

I just downloaded it and will be playing all afternoon, as I first must pick which of the multiple ideas swirling in my head I am going to scrap!
It is not too late to sign up, get your code and scrap your way onto an exciting site team. This is the perfect challenge for those that have been shy about trying out for these things....no pressure and just have fun!
You can find out the details in the forum HERE

Hope to see ya' there!