Moments to Share and Remind

I was hoping for news that my sis-n-law, aka partner in crime was coming home for christmas....not going to happen. No traveling for her and those rotten three kids of hers, which means no much needed hugs that Auntie and Uncle are sorely missing this year.
Normally they are here twice a year, and due to unseen forces with stars un-aligned.....they haven't been home for almost two years this Spring. Those kids changed before our eyes each visit, so my mind wanders at what has occurred without our visual knowledge....knowing it happened just the same.
I think it is much like that question "If a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it....does it make a sound" I will tell you this argument went for days in my socicaolgy class, but I kept firm with
" it is only referred to as a 'sound' if someone hears it"
......look up the definition of sound and then come back an argue it. Some argue that the teacher took creative license with the verbage...choosing to use sound instead of a noise, but I think it really doesn't change the argument except of course to those who always feel the need to win. Me? not so much, LOL!

One of my niece's biggest changes that year happened on a very basic level.
The old "Mom says no, but I say I am old enough to decide myself" argument about hair cuts. She had been growing it long for years, always wanting to have long hair because all princesses do...duh! As she got older, and found it harder and harder to maintain. other than the pulling it up in a ponytail look that no one can really pass off well, she rarely wore it down anyway. She decided to beg Aunt Danyale to take her to the hairdressers (my sister cuts mine), which in turned was the subject of several phone conversations between Mom and daughter.
The result? Hair cut of course.
Then she threw us all for another loop and got BANGS!!!!!!

I was floored when she told my sis to do it, but just watched in fascination as the first 12 inches disappeared and some fluffies were cut across her forehead. We loved it and declared it an immediate success at making her look at least 5 years older...to a teenager, this is the greatest of compliments.

I had fun cutting this kit apart to make some brick pieces from one of the papers. The frames were attached some weird way even I can't explain, but thankful for PSE for taking care of it anyway!
Back during the week with some hybrid stuff, so be ready!


Melinda said...

Very nice! I definitely think it makes her look older, and the shorter hair will be much easier to care for too! :)