I must have been a VERY good girl this year!

I am not sure what I did, what I said....or who I said it to,
but someone heard my heart crying for this little girl and brought her my way

We got a lot of hugs and kisses. Shared stories about a garden, a bird, and some sort of "round thing with hair" that you see on a farm.We have a lot of toys strewn about to walk over. We have learned we are tall enough to turn the light switch off and on from our bed now..........and did a little of this with Jello

and this with Kiki

and finally there was someone to help Dodo with a much needed part of Christmas completed

and she didn't stop like the others in the house when distracted, even by a juice boost
(other than to ask me constantly "why you crying  happy Dodo")

I can honestly say that the bottom three feet of my tree is completely decorated
quite brilliantly I have to admit.
 Emi had pulled out all 28 boxes of ornaments and they decided to use the oldest ones in the bunch.
All those decorations form single mother hood past that had tons of homeade love in them....and a few that came with Happy Meals depending on the latest movie release, LOL!

I hope you holiday is going as perfect as mine.
Another note, our January baby got here early yesterday, so baby boy Joy and Mommy
 are doing about as perfect as life can be.
 Thank you all for being such great friends and listener's to my rambles amuck.
 You have all truly taken a part of daily life and made it more.

Merry, Merry Christmas


malacima said...

She so adorable!!great shots!!Congrats to Mommy and baby Joy!
Happy Holidays sweetie!

KayJay said...

sounds like your family had a couple of "best christmas's ever" Congrats to the happy Mummy, and hugs to all!