Girl Rule #9

Since today is my new Sunday, I thought I would scrap everyone a picture to celebrate my new layout, and first digital scrapbook purchase!

The kids have been out of school...and I have been really feeling my personal space overwhelmed. I wonder if it is because I have been doing this "Mom" thing for about 24 years now? I should have known I was feeling the impact when my OCD kicked in, and I had repositioned the Cuisinart about four times (four.....another one of my ocd-centricities)...of course I probably did not move it more than an inch in either direction, but insisted it needed to be moved everytime I walked by it yesterday.

My first digital purchase is two kits by Sweet Digi Scraps called "Diva Dares" and "Flowers A GoGo". I loved them and got them on the cheap because of Black Friday shopping online at Gotta Pixel. I will be making several layouts using them.........to try and get all these ideas out of my head. You will also notice I made a new header all by myself, with her products....she deserves better, but had to try it after I snagged this great freebie blog layout at Allie Brown's blog. Both of their blinkie's are in my "some places to check out", so go by and check them out.
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, we are finally having ours tomorrow....so, I am off to go check and see if I need to move some things around ;)


Camoflauge Time

As we enter into the Thanksgiving weekend, and this is my Monday, I decided to spend some time cleaning out my clip gallery, I have been downloading digi scrap products like crazy, and search for more everyday.....it's like crack! Or to me coffee, as I can't live without my morning fix. I went through a couple of 100,000 kb's of downloads, and couldn't decide what had to go :( My hubby says it will eventually slow down my computer, Linda I feel your pain, maybe that is just my husband on my a** about using up so much disk space.........."whatever" (refer to previous post "LOVED THIS"). Because it doesn't really feel like winter here yet, it is hard for me to get into the spirit of the whole Holiday thing yet! I am jealous of some of the blog friends out there, because they actually experience a change in weather with the seasons. KayJay, has already had snow on several days. My sis-in-law, Chrissy, aka....Smoothie, will be locked in the house with her crazy kids any day now because of winter weather. And here I am, stuck along the warm coast, eating my meals on the back porch or restaurant decks overlooking the beautiful Gulf, taking walks along the beach to pick up shells, and just enjoying the general indolence of the area. The only real way I know winter has come, is the increase of camoflauge my family is wearing. Seriously wrong. When looking through some downloads I found this one, and it seemed perfect for last years unveiling of the camo by Emi. Of course, she did it with her style, by the adding of some pink and bling, but it still very much what my Daddy's little girl will wear most days.

Digital papers and elements courtesy of "Pink Lemonade" by Andrea Dickinson, font is Becks.


An Ordinary Monday

Why does everyweek begin with Monday? I think I am going to begin my week from now on starting................Wednesday It makes sense... let's do the figuring. Wednesday, you get up, do what ever it is you do (work, SAHM), then again on Thru. and Fri.........."and then" (for my 'Dude, Where's my car' fans) you have a weekend. Followed by a Monday, Tuesday,two days of work :(...."and then" (lol)........Wednesday which now feel like a previous Friday did when you were on the old week schedule....so your mind is mentally on a break for two days........which brings us back to actual Friday after those two days.....so you are then on another weekend!.....Right?...........I don't know how long this will take me to assimiliate this into my life, but I will go forth for those of you not ready for a big step such as this....and get back with you on how it feels to have "four" weekend days a week!!!!!!
Digital papers and elements courtesy of "Chance of Rain" Linda Walton, font is Catherine's College Days



There are moments you wait for your whole life. Some happen and you don't realize you almost missed them. As I was waiting for Russell to get his license, I mentioned this in a previous post, I actually looked at him for the first time that morning. My coffee finally kicked in somewhere between the house and the DMV, thankfully, and I remembered I have a camera on my phone! Now, notice I did not say I knew how to use it, but everybody else in this house does....so.....I started faux clicking away ;) I noticed several things. His shorts were about a year old....he needed a haircut , even with the long shaggy look they go for these days.......he had on his favorite jacket given to him by his Dad a couple of years ago.......and when the crap did he start having to spread his legs out to sit on a regular chair (I later found out he is six feet tall, because they measured him using those height markers along a corner wall like they have in convenient stores for "held-up" cashiers) I found it only fitting to find some "grungy" papers and do a quick page.
Through the whole nerve racking process...and I totally get why fathers avoid these kind of outings.....no matter what was happening, there was one consistent factor. When the lady at the counter sighed because it took a few "seconds" for him to take out his permit, and when the gentleman taking the picture waited impatiently for several swipes of Russell's hand to move his hair off his forehead, even as the loser that lost his license due to multiple DUI's and couldn't provide proof of paying his fines but could cuss' at the lady like it was her fault, lost his cool and slammed his way out of line and the building.........Russell just kept catching my eye, and provided his ever present grin. I have never glanced at this kid when he did not have some form of grin or smirk on his face! I am not sure what he has found so amusing in this life, but the list must be long after all these years!
Digital paper and elements courtesy of "Just so" Applecart by Irene Alexeeva, font is Catherines College Days


My Maverick

Another week, another weekend. How many times have we all said "I'll get to it this week" or "I'll get to it this weekend".......any takers? I have now spent two complete days on the couch, with my hubby, and I am not even sick! There are some days that just doing the same thing. gets in the way of taking a break. My hubby is on "duty"seven days a week, due to his involvement in two fire departments. When I pack up his lunch everyotherday.. he goes to work for an entire day, so many nights are spent apart. As he sat on the couch the second day, sick with a flu bug, he reached over, grabbed my hand, and said " When was the last time we sat on the couch together?"..........Why is something so common, taken for granted so often? Forget the fact he looked so cute in his little pj's, I purposely buy crazy colored ones due to his everyday uniform being navy or gray.........blah!...........his bedhair, and scruffy face, and I fall in love all over again. Between the firefighter gear, his "long, tall, drink of water look"( my aunt calls him this all he time), and those little moments we so often forget about, we need to remember to take pictures, scrap and journal. Who will remember these moments when we are gone, and all our children have are pictures. Scrapbooking your life is one of the greatest gifts you can leave to your children. My challenge for you this next week is....small drumroll........take stock of your everyday moments, the ones our children are forever bringing up around others, and scrapbook them. Forget how personal or embarrassing they are....own them....make them your talisman so your children can know it is okay if you are a dork....or not always right......give them the gift of "it is what it is"... who knows....maybe you will save them years of finding this out one day anyway.
Digital paper "Grandmother's House" Derek M Designs, torn cardboard edges Bad Candy, leaves "1Million thank You's" and love charm "Happy birthday Harmony" both courtesy of Kim B's Designs, horse "Barn Door" CanDesigns, branch "The Crow's Nest" Nicole young



I will share a little secret with those of you who do not know me.......I do not have the ability to hide my feelings.......AT ALL....
WHATSOEVER....EVER. As a Mom for 24 years now, I am pretty sure I have heard a lot of crap. Most, unfortunately, does not stay with me, and am always suprised when I hear the next child say the same thing. Of course, this helps with my ability to looks surprised by the "50 billion" (lol, Wendy) pictures of the same drawn tree with "puffy" leaves, the birds scattered across the top of the page looking like lazy "W's". Oh!..and who can forget the stick figures that progress through the years to slowly include finger, shoes, little triangle skirts, and with my boys stick arms holding swords larger than their bodies. (a sign that "envy" is part of the DNA chain, and you know what I mean by "envy") I can still register shock when they say inevitable "Mommmm" that includes the whole spinal collapse to back up their sincerity, as if I could take a child in sesame street pajama's less than totally serious. The other day was a prime example of the ageless moments that still catch me by surprise. This time it wasn't even one of my kids, it could have been yours if she works at a grocery store ;) As I was checking out, and my wine was being scanned, (I know unhealthy, but it was red and my family likes living) the clerk asked me for my ID. I snatched that thing out, and with a Vanna White wave in case anyone one was watching, and proceeded with my own question.....How old are you? I felt it only fair, as she looked to be about twelve, and was smackin' her some gum......She looked me straight in the eye, and said..."18 and 1/2"...........(insert long pause here)......WHAT???? When do we stop using "1/2's"? My middle child has already switch to "almost 18" when asked, and my youngest often answers "12 and then some"....I just don't know where that girl gets her mouth :O...........but, I don't believe I have heard them recently say "1/2" attached to anything. It could be that it is just me, and my age is creaping by like a freight train....you know fast, but heavy in the rear! .........Afterall, I am 41 and 1/2.
Digital papers and elements "Festivity" courtesy of Liz Walton BonScraptit collab, font is CK Curly


In Submission

I did it! .......I put in my submission for a creative team call! What was I thinking? Yes, I have been scrapbooking for years, and I dooooo love me some altered art!!!! But (yes...I know you should not start a sentence that way ;) it stayed on my mind all weekend. Should a newbie be allowed to jump into such a commitment? What would I tell me, if I asked for my opinion? Because you know I have one ;).........I am pretty sure I will hear a very polite" no thank you at this time", but I knew it would just drive me crazy if I did not at least try!!!!! It is kinda like when you write several chapters of a book, in my case almost two completed books, and you know you have to send them out there for the rejection letters to come in!! I mean...trial by error is all part of scrapbooking anyway. How many pages have you completely re-done when a newer option came out?....Me?.....plenty. When I started, the coolest things we had were those crazy die cuts they use at schools! I mean come on, how often can you really use a 6" pumpkin or cornucopia? No wonder we all went to 12x12's!!!!! As I end this, know that you too have to get out there and throw yourself at something new as well. I'll keep you posted and let you know as soon as I hear! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Digital paper and elements by Donair, torn paper "Into The Deep" by Sass n Scraps, font is Becks handwriting


LOVED THIS!!!!!!!!

As I was browsing through all the different blogs related to scrapbooking, I stumbled across this.....toooooo funnnny....I got such a good laugh, I wanted to share with you. For those who have visited me here, I will working the store Tuesday morning, and I have completed "5" new pages to put up for you to scraplift! So....come by and see me and support your local scrapbook store!

Nine words women use...
1.) Fine : This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up
2.) Five Minutes : If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house.
3.) Nothing : This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in 'fine'.
4.) Go Ahead : This is a dare, not permission. Don't Do It!
5.) Loud Sigh : This is actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer back to #3 for the meaning of nothing.)
6.) That's Okay : This is one of the most dangerous statements a woman can make to a man. That's okay means she wants to think long and hard before deciding how and when you will pay for your mistake.
7.) Thanks : A woman is thanking you, do not question, or faint. Just say you're welcome.
8.) Whatever : Is a women's way of saying f u .
9.) Don't worry about it, I'll do it: Another dangerous statement, meaning this is something that a woman has told a man to do several times, but is now doing it herself. This will late result in a man asking 'What's wrong?' For the woman's response refer to #3.
Then you RUN!
Digital papers and elements: "Wallflower" courtesy of Liz @Sweet Digi Scraps, font is Catherine's College Days


Mammogram 08'

I have to ask, who came up with the name Mammogram? Considering every woman has to go through this process, why couldn't they come up with a more female friendly name.......like, "Le Breasta Elegante"....no, makes me think of elevator music.....maybe a funny name like "viseotip"? kinda sounds like a tool...I think even something silly such as "pink slip"? Considering the campaign uses pink, most of the gowns in these offices are pink, and they sure are shades of pink once they are finished with them! Regardless, I hope everyone listened to the commercials and went to have their mammogram done. After my Mother was diagnosed just this past month with DCIS, even after her surgeries, they advised that there was no possible way she could have felt the lump. It would have been years for her to have noticed. Hers was found only after her finally having her regular appointment, three years since her last one. She will undergo radiation, and screening on a more rigorous schedule, but think of all those years she bought herself with her 7 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild! Take a moment to love yourself enough or at least to respect the love others have for you! Think of it as an excuse to go out and buy new underwear and bras.........who wants to be seen in the crap you have your drawer? The last few years, as most of you know, have shown me many "inside" pictures of myself. They were tiny snapshots of all things near and dear. Two cancer scares myself (thyroid and colon),several radical surgeries, and of course a lot of visible and non visible scars. It taught me many things. You can never love too much, laugh too much, never tell people how much you appreciate them enough, and you can never...... ever hug your kids too much. So my challenge for the day, go hug your spouse, your kids, your parents, or even just a friend you know may need one! Then take some pictures of those you may not have enough of, and some of yourself, then come home and scrapbook them. Don't forget that you are an important part of your life's equation. I hope the weather where you are is as great as our weather on the coast. Lots of love to you, and of course a hug from me~~~~~
Digital papers and elements courtesy of Trixie Scraps Designs "Sparkle of Love" Project Sunshine Mission 1, font is Catherines College Days


More Pictures On A Page

Okay, Ladies.........I have made several pages (in digital, no less!) that prove you can put more than one or two pictures on a page. I know for effect, we often place only one photo to show mostly the product. I am okay with that . I have hundreds of pages with less than three photos, maybe five total on a double layout! I really think in your own scrapbooks, be they on paper or digital, the rule is.......there is none. Do what you want! Lay them out in row after row, singular, grouped by color or event, pocket page them......whatever makes you smile when you look at them.
Do not let our ideas, push you in direction you don't want to go. Base your pages on what you want people to say or feel about them. Just make sure you continue to scrapbook them away. Don't let them sit in a box, or on a digital card for long. Scrap and journal as soon as possible, so you won't forget a detail that will surely be missed if you wait.
For all my friends that have asked, yes I am going through my picture stash and doin' em' digi style. I am trying to keep some of the pictures similiar to what I have done on paper so you will see how close traditional and digital really are! And no, I still can not answer which way I like best, because the traditional way is still easier for me at this point, but you know I love the challenge of learning anything new in the scrap world. I will be placing some of my original work in a slide presentation, and some of my hybrid/altered art stuff as well.........so see you next time, and bring your big girl pants......no more whining that you can't do this.... I challenge everyone to do at least one page and send to my email......get to it! Love ya'll!
Digital papers and elements "Summer Splash" by Christinescraps @ Been There Scrapped That, font is black boys on mopeds.


Oh! What a Monday's

Can I start by saying that I have had several Monday's in a row now, and I think that is incredibly unfair? My mornings are pretty typical......up, coffee, pill a day for rest of my life, coffee, last minute drying of things I forgot,kids off to school, coffee, scrapbooking, emails, phone calls, coffee, errands.....well you know the drill. My middle son got his driver's license......please email request for schedule of times he will be on the road so you avoid our area......I had a small panic attack when we got the insurance qoute ( I also need to notate for future reference, my husband laughed like I was joking). As I made my way through the morning, I notice two things. I have a lot of "L's" in my life. A huge upgrade from all the previous "D's" and "P's" I had in my life ( a few of my close friends will actually get the double meaning of those letters)
I do strive to fill my days with lots of love, laughter, freedom from labels that life attaches to you, liberal sprinkling of my opinion even if most don't care, one lane in and out of county for years since IVAN, lines at the grocery store, lines on my face (isn't that in a song?.....Life in the Fast Lane?), leaves changing on the trees so fast, lots and lots of ribbon and scrapbooking, lazy morning rocking chair and levels of blood to caffeine ratio, but most of all the "L" that changed it all for me. Lewis, as in Mr. Lewis. My daily dose of man that keeps going even after three or four Monday's in a row. Here's to you, as I raise my coffee cup in the air, may you have a great week. Remember girls, I will be working on Thursday, so bring you all your pages and questions and we will solve them together!!!!
Digital paper is Kreative Karma "True Meaning of Christmas" @Faith Sisters, Love element by Megan Turnidge 'Funky Love' @ Digital Designs, paint splatter "ribbon" Robin Carlton "Hit The Books" @ Sweet Shop Designs, splatter element "Boys club" by Sweet Blossom Designs


Feeling A Little Sleepy

What is it about having the house open to the breeze all day, that makes you just want to curl up on the couch? I promised myself I would be very good this week, and start Christmas shopping. I have so far bought 7 presents (5, identical, and at the same time) and we only have 7 weeks to go from TODAY! Let me do the math.......if I start buying ...um...let's say 2 presents a week...times 7 weeks, those odds sound good. In reality.....there are only 3 pay periods for our house until then...........OOps! Okay, recalculate.......I say I buy one very special present for each of my kids, and of course Asha, every payday. That's it, that's all......everyone else can get a card. But ahhhhh! the rub......I will definitely have to spend more time on my digital scrappin, to come up with the perfect christmas card for everyone!!!! I see the pattern....another excuse to blog and search out more scrapbooking stuff.....well, darn ;) I guess I will just have to sit on the couch, draw out some templates, and then spend mindless hours NOT cleaning house.........sacrifices and giving are what the season is about, right?
Digital papers and elements is Nighty Night Project Sunshine Mission 1,by Shazbutt's Digi Scrapz, font is A Yummy Apology


Fall Back

I thought it only fitting to post today about the whole Fall back, time change thing. As Emi was leaving for school this morning, she had sometime during the whole teenage "I can't find my favorite jacket, so I will just die" routine, finally noticed it was a lot 'lighter' outside. Now, not that I can't appreciate a little lazy assumption of life's daily changes, but she had to notice light coming in from the other side of her pink linen curtains. Walking out the door to greet the new day, with coffee in hand, I notice a little brown in the grass. Most of the trees are still green, so I have decided to scrap a picture of a previous fall yard clean up (the tree in the picture had just been trimmed). I will also endeavor today, to add to my list for the grocery store, six calls I must make, dry the load of clothes in the washer that I left last night, to take some pictures today. I picked up alot of goodies this weekend, so I will bring forth some great creative artist work, and try not to ruin their efforts with my less than stellar digital placement. Good Monday, and have a great fall week!

Digital background paper by Delicious Scraps, elements courtesy Evercila Designs 'Magic Fall', beaded frame Nicole Young's Crow's Nest, Scrappin' Chronicles ribbon, journal tag Linda walton bon Scrapatit Fall Splendor, font is Stringbean.


Has It Really Been Two Weeks?

This morning I am doing the usual Sunday ritual. Coffee in hand, something "scrapbookie" in front of me, and the quiet lull of a household of people who sleep in. This weekend marks the two week anniversary of my first digital scrapbook page. You say "two weeks?......big deal!", but I say "wow, this is pretty complicated stuff for an old traditional scrapper". I am so used to letting my fingers graze across papers, rub embellishments, cut, fold and basically manipulate whatever I want to use. Those who have seen and share my work at the store, know that I.....well.....to use an expression, "put my foot in it" I layer and layer, until it feels right. I never knew before now that most of that 'feeling' was tactile. If something didn't look right, I moved it up, down, behind, forward all with a quick positionability(is that a word?), that I don't have with digital. I have played for hours on a page, just to delete it. During my perusing of blogs, I have been educated in programs, lingo (lo, qp), forums, and thanks to Sweet Dig Treats, my first blog hop! There were lots of great giveaways, and funny comments to enjoy. For those who were waiting for me to start this other avenue to scrapping, I have only one thing to say.....Get to it!!! It is a challenging, exciting new way to scrap! Learn new things, and never shut the door to improvements in your own personal style. Put away your shawls, get out of the rocker and keep your minds open to all possibilities in scrap world. Your photos are begging to be given a voice!!!
Digital papers and elements "Treasure and Everescents' courtesy of Liz Sweet Digi Scraps, Shabby Correspondence ribbon element courtesy of Lori Johnson. Font is CK Rugged