Paper or Digital? Try your hand at Mixed Media & Hybrid and have it all!

A scrap friend recently asked me if I prefer digital to paper. I started my memory keeping journey with traditional scrapbooking, but my love for digital is here to stay.

Then I thought - especially with today's marked and trends ... Why do I have to choose?  I find myself often wanting to crawl into my paper supplies and create pretty things that I can touch. There are things about paper creations and digital art that appeal to me on so many levels. I would never choose, and with trends and printing so simple theses - we don't have too!

This week, one of the Etc team artists, Cathy, created this beautiful mixed media creation using my new release She Believes Collection.


Lazy Sunday morning musing

Hi gang! It has been a while since we touched base during one of my lazy Sunday morning coffee breaks. What makes Sundays or the thought of them being lazy so right in my world?

They just have a different tone to them, I think. The birds sound happier, the coffee tastes fresher, and many times my sweet guy and I share the slow steady rise to move around with no care in the world ... or place to go. It is bliss here along the coast.

One of my favorite treats on the more beautiful days of sunshine is a adult brunch date that includes my favorite guy taking me out in the sun with the sounds of the surf for a Southern breakfast and of course ... a Mimosa or other fabulous light drink.

I thought I would share a couple of my favorites with you - I am a good friend like that ♥.

I have to start with my favorite - an Italian staple:


Become a Believer - You can do it!

Many of you know of someone in your life that has overcome a struggle and fights a daily battle of moving one foot in front of the other. I think when we have those people/loved ones in our lives we should always take time to encourage them.

My release this week was inspired by my daughter who never gives up on her daily fight, and makes me proud that she continues to see her worth int eh world.

This kit collection is for her, for you, fro everyone - encourage someone today ♥