Bringing a touch of Spring in with a Whisper

This weeks's new release is a sweet Spring palette inspired kit for those best friends we have that are like sisters  ... or sisters that are like best friends.

On her last visit, my dear little grand-daughter and daughter were often found cuddling in bed watching cartoons and whispering to each other. When I would ask them what they were whispering about, Asha would say "secrets, because Emi is my sister". hahaha! In fact, Emilee is actually her aunt. I would never remind her that when she so earnestly says it and we all know that aunts, sisters, even Moms can be your best friend at any times in your life. ♥



Journaling Fonts

Courtney here bringing you another fun list of go-to fonts this week. Once upon a time I used to write my journaling on the computer, then print it out and add it to my scrap pages. It was usually a boring system installed font like Times New Roman, or Tempus Sans ITC. When I look at those pages, I love them, but there's a certain awkwardness to them because my handwriting is not anything like the font!

Now, I have downloaded so many fonts, especially journaling fonts, that picking some favorites was a hard chore! I love being able to use a font that reminds me of my own handwriting. It helps my thoughts and story to flow better. Perhaps one of the following fonts will speak to you, and remind you of your own handwriting. 

Danyale's personal favorite is an oldie but goodie - CK Ali's Writing - as it looks most like her own handwriting. I think you can certainly find some that will make you font happy in your albums.

The fonts above are available here:
DJB Tweenybopper    Pea Sara Print    Blueberry Oatmeal    CK Ali's Hand   A Year Without Rain Amazeballs      Journal   CK Journaling   Lazy Writer  Journaling Hand  Hubiy

Feel free to pin our font image to your favorite "font finds" Pinterest board. Be sure to tag us on Pinterest using #etcbydanyale so that when we go browsing around, we can find you and see what you like to share. We love finding new followers to follow ourselves!

Remember to always include a bit of journaling in your pages - your family and memory will thank you for it! ♥


Lazy Sunday Post - Is it really March?

I am one to admit that time will slip away from me during the holidays with all of our kids/grand-kids coming in from other states, but did I really just kind mindlessly slide through two months of 2015?

I was here, I remember most of the details but it seriously has just passed by like a blink and made me realize how far behind I am in my own life albums. I have weeks and weeks of photos that I have been setting up in my PicFrame app to print (you can find details of using the app here), so that being said....some pages are getting done this week!

These are a couple of my favorite photos from a recent trip to see one of our kids. Mark got a speeding ticket on the way there AND bought a wind up fireman at a toy store during our wander in Historic Northpointe. I mean how could both of these things NOT happen in a weekend?


Scrap Play Series - Warping Shadows

Rachel created another fabulous shadow tutorial for us this week - adding an extra realistic shadow to corners. This is so much fun for that one special touch and does not matter what kit or product we use...it is all about the photo!

I love when I look at a layout and see those little bits of details. The corners lifting off the page, a spot where the glue or tape isn't holding it down as firmly, an older photo with curled corners. If you want to recreate the look in digital, it can be achieved through moving the shadows around.
Previously, Rachel taught us how to move shadows to separate layers. If you missed it, you can catch it here.

Now that they are separated, it's easy to move them a little and warp them to make those corners look like they are lifting. Check it out below:

 This is a technique that requires a little bit of practice. I love how the edge of the corner on the layout is just barely lifting off. I'd love to see any pages you create using this technique! Link them in the comments for us.

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Try it out and let us know how it works for you!