So we said New Release & FWP!

I am still always searching for what some abbreviations on social media mean. I thought I would never be one to use LOL or SMH, but yes...even I have fallen to using them at times.

When creating the Life, Love, Etc Collection it was clear that these everyday sayings should be used on our memory pages in some way. This week's release is a mini dedicated to these trendy or not so trendy sayings and the use of Instagram photos perfect for our teen pages and many everyday projects.


Do you have teens? We have fonts to use on their pages!

When I journal on my pages I like to pick a font that reflects the mood of the page, or the person I am documenting the memory about or for. I like the cohesiveness it gives to the page. I also like how a font can show a reflection of the person or their feelings. It can add that touch of whimsy or seriousness.

Whether you are documenting a first crush with a curly, heart dotted i; getting a driver's license; or a college tour we have a few fonts to choose from:


Scrap Play Series: Shadow on a Different Layer Tutorial

A shadow is the difference between a page looking like a magazine layout or one having more dimension and layers when it's printed, or viewed on screen. The question of shadows is almost always a very subjective one, so your idea of whether to shadow or not, how and where...and everyone else's will always vary. That's okay, it should be - this is your creative design. We will be sharing a series of tutorials on how to enhance your digital pages with small details that can help the novice or intermediate scrapper step up their digital creativity.

How do you achieve the look realism of shadows as they fall under items on your page? Rachel has created this easy to follow tutorial with Part 1 - Scrap Play: Shadow on a Different Layer. This will show you how to create a shadow on it's own layer, including some tips for programs without layer styles.