Come sit for awhile at Cottage No9

This sweet cottage-ey inspired kit reminds me of some cute houses we saw during our last visit to the "Magical" place. There were rows and rows of these blended mosaic looking colors and textures all with dark accent colors - then - BAM a picket fence white and wood infused details. I fell in love with this darling area and knew I had to have a kit in my arsenal to scrap some of those photos I saved!



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Photography Tutorial: Editing part 1 - Level Adjustment

Laurie (aka Lor in the forums) here today, bringing you the first in a series of editing tutorials that you can do for a professional look to your photos. After years of snapping photos and learning, I have come to point where I can call myself a photographer.  Looking back and thinking about what was most helpful in perfecting a photo, I think of the three edits I make to every photo. Yep! Every photo I process.

You may think that your image looks amazing already, which it probably does, but wait until you see the results of these three easy edits I will be describing, one each month. Be sure and come back for the next two.

I am using Photoshop Elements 12 and I am describing the custom levels editing. There are multiple ways to edit the levels in the various programs.


Here is an Autumn photo of my favorite subjects to capture, my beautiful daughter. It looks lovely just as it is, but let's adjust the levels.  Levels mainly represent the adjustment of the level of light and dark areas of your image.

At the top toolbar in Photoshop Elements go to “Enhance”, “Adjust Lighting”, and then “Levels” as seen in the image below.