My Dream Wishers - Do you have one?

I have 2 girls in my life that make be believe in dreams and the power of wishes. They shared them with family, friends and even a fairy or two at our favorite magical vacation destination. Keeping those memories for my princesses inspired this sweet kit ♥

BUY the kit before 8/22 and GET the journal cards FREE!


Feeling Spaced Out? It's a Theory ... with Gifts!

I often feel very spaced out during my busy week, and really need to find scrap time to help ground myself. It helps me get out my creative side plus feel like those memories are not forgotten. I have lists that have sub lists, and the days can get really busy just trying to check things off. I am certain I resemble the crazy "she's lost it" lady to my kids at times, hahaha!

One kit I had in store previously has been asked about enough that I knew I had to bring it back, especially with school approaching for many of us this month!

Spaced Out


Into the Home Stretch!

As we are into the 4th and final week of the amazing Iron Scrapper event, there is still much more to share. The challenges are going strong with many pages of beautiful memories filling up the threads and gallery.

We are bringing you a bit of the early 2000's music vibe, and this week I went with a cover song that reminds of the music I loved in my middle school years. The Goo Goo Dolls - Gutterflower


We are partying at Etc this week!

As we are almost through week #3 of the Iron Scrapper monthly event, today is the reminder to come join in the party!

The event has really embraced the music inspiration of each decade, and we are now into the 80's-90's. I was in high school at the beginning of the 80's, so skating meant lots of popular dance music to pump up your energy. I chose the song by Men Without Hats - Safety Dance. I loved the video, the silliness of the goats frolicking as the dance through the village and harlequin decorated joker like costumes. Thinking back as I started to decide what this kit needed, I was struck by how it all that frivolity reminded me of a favorite Southern place to visit ... New Orleans

Life is Good

I have days that life seems chaotic, running into another seemingly without a true end. There are so many hats to wear that they can sometimes stack onto each other and just start resembling a mess over my head. No matter what happens during those days, I can truly say one thing with no hesitation ... my life is good and I am blessed